Exploit the wealth of videos!

Index, search and analyze content from audio and video sources (TV/radio programs, conferences/meetings, telecommunications)

Detect phrases or keywords in the audio flow and directly access the relevant content

Find out who says what, when and in which language

By converting audio tracks into searchable speech-to-text transcripts, Vecsys technologies offer near-real-time access to video databases, with the ability to search for content faster and more precisely, but also to extract metadata more in depth.


Keyword filtering of massive, low-alert sources (eg local and regional media)

Indexing, detecting and helping to raise alerts on all media feeds

Investigation on media archives

Automatic data enrichment for archiving and indexing of audio and video content

Video indexing and online publication support for journalists

Improved SEO for Search Engines

Help with the creation of verbatims (exact transcription)


Subtitling support for online publishing

Power and efficient solutions

With more than 6,000 hours of programs transcribed every month, Vecsys MediaSpeech®
hosts the largest SaaS Speech-to-Text deployment for media monitoring in Europe

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How to use the wealth of online videos?

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