MobileSpeech® is a standalone speech recognition solution for mobile devices
and embedded systems that allows easy interaction with the environment.
Easily integrable on smartphones, tablets, PC and embedded platforms,
MobileSpeech® requires no connection.

Power, Safety, Ergonomy

  • Real-time recognition on streaming speech
  • Powerful and accurate processing up to thousands of words
  • Configurable recognition via standard grammars
  • Immediate results for snappy interaction
  • Direct input of complex queries
  • Plug-and-Play voice input on iOS, Android and Windows plug-ins
  • Easily portable to embedded platforms

e-sante-secours-urgences applications hight tech


Enable people to interact with their environment with their bare voice.

avionique automobille applications hight tect


Keep hands and eyes free via integrated voice commands, enhancing security.

divertissement jeux tv-connectee applications hight tech


Open a new range of interaction possibilities to gamers and viewers.

Some references


In 1993, Nemo win the first price at automation show. Nemo is the first autonomous voice control environment system (eg voice, television, roller shutter, etc.) for the quadriplegists.

TRIAGE Project

This project aims to develop a multi-criteria voice-capture solution that enables first responders at the scene of a disaster to make a first diagnosis of the victims and to transmit this information in real time to the nearest rescue centers.

Technicolor connected TV

Vecsys assured the conception of Voice Control, giving the user immediate and intuitive access to the desired content among the mass of programs, applications and services offered.

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