Convert speech into text and unlock a mine of information


Index, search and analyze content from audio and video sources(TV/radio programs, conferences/meetings, telecommunications)


Detect phrases or keywords in the audio flow and directly access
the relevant content


Find out who says what, when and in which language

Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring

Detect keywords automatically in Radio and TV programs

Centre de contact

Broacasters / Producers

Make it easier to search your content with full-text indexing

Centre de contact

Contact Centers

Improve your operational performance and customer intelligence

trading rooms

Trading floor

Monitor conversations and strengthen your compliance

Speed and accuracy to make audio talk!

  • Near real-time transcription (streaming)

  • Access to full text and metadata for full-text indexing

  • Detection of key words or phrases

  • Direct access to desired content with word-level time coding

  • Daily update of language model and dictionary

An engine boosted by deep learning

Thanks to Deep Neural Networks, MediaSpeech® relies on an extremely fine modeling of the acoustic space, robust to the variability of speakers (flow, accent, …) and sound conditions, and thus offers an even more accurate transcription.

Who is speaking, when, and in which language?

  • Time-coded segmentation (speech turns) into speakers, with gender recognition
  • Speaker identification via a biometric database
  • Language identification and multilingual transcription: French English (US/UK) Arab Spanish Italy Flemish German Russian Chinese (Mandarin)
    Available soon : Japanese, Korean and Cantonese Chinese

Some references

Ministry of tourism saudi Arabia

MediaSpeech® technology is deployed together with a partner indexing/search technology to enhance the Saudi tourism portal multimedia experience.

Media monitoring leader companies in UK & Spain

MediaSpeech® usage is deeply integrated in the Customer functional workflow for operational excellence on high volume of radio and TV programs.

Online press leader in France

MediaSpeech® technology is integrated into the Media Asset Management system to help journalists exploit video sources.

Custom deployment

MediaSpeech® Server

Turnkey solution, easy to integrate into your information systems to give them a Speech functionality.

MediaSpeech® Factory

High-availability cluster solution for largescale processing of critical infrastructure data.

MediaSpeech® Virtual Machine

Turnkey virtual software solution.

MediaSpeech® SaaS

“Software-as-a-service” solution on a pay-as-you-go basis, hosted in Bertin IT’s private cloud.

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