Expert in Vocal Technologies, the Vecsys range offers software and services dedicated
to the enhancement of multilingual speech content in audio and video sources and telephone interactions.

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Automatically detect keywords and brands within Radio and TV broadcasts.

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Enhance your content searchability with automatic full-text indexing.

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Get value from your customer-interactions recordings and optimize your operations

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Strengthen law-compliance processes.

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Detect phrases in legal recordings.

Powerful, fast and accurate solutions.



MediaSpeech® allows to transform speech into text, and then index, search and analyse multilingual audio & video sources as well as telecommunications.

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Voice command

MobileSpeech® is a standalone speech recognition solution for mobile devices and embedded systems that allows easy interaction with the environment.

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Speech Analytics | Analyze conversations in contact center

If the digital era unquestionably occupies a growing place in the customer relationship, the phone remains paramount there. Analyzing client-to-agent conversations is essential to ensure that appeals are properly taken into account, but also provides access to a wealth of strategic information, satisfaction assessment, trend detection, Through the monitoring of competition through their spontaneous mentions …

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Media Monitoring | Exploiting the ritchness of online videos

In recent years, online video has grown dramatically. By 2020, it should account for 80% of global traffic on the Internet. Boosted by the multiplication of screens (TV, computer, mobile, tablet), it already catches 70% of Internet users at least once a month, and more than one in three daily. Videos viewed on YouTube, Facebook and SnapChat in one year are in the billions …

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Speech Analytics for bank compliance

The increasingly stringent regulatory requirements of the last decade mean constantly strengthening the compliance function, in both human and technological terms. The obligation to include phone calls requires new methods, in particular, the ability to process voice traffic to identify sensitive information or reconstruct a specific transaction.

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Vecsys team provides its clients with specific, personalized support, encompassing analysis of their needs,
definition of tailor-made solutions, roll-out strategies and sustainable support throughout the product life-cycle.

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