Vecsys (Bertin IT), the voice technology expert, and OWI, the provider of semantic software for Customer Relationship Management, have joined forces to meet the needs of Canal+ Group in improving the satisfaction of its subscribers and enhancing its understanding of their expectations. This partnership brings together two technologies that are the state of the art in their fields – Vecsys’ multilingual voice transcription and OWI’s semantic analysis – to create a powerful, accurate Speech Analytics solution capable of extracting precious information from telephone exchanges between agents and clients.

Since 2014, Canal+ has been using the OWI.Opinion solution to gauge its subscribers’ experience in real time and speed up response times to their needs, based on semantic analyses of their chats with an adviser.

Canal+ is now rolling out this monitoring system across all its Customer Relationship channels, in particular the telephone – the preferred contact method for the company’s subscribers. The leading French pay-TV station is seeking to broaden its knowledge of its clients’ expectations in order to maintain optimum satisfaction levels, and also to improve the performance of its telephone platforms.

On the strength of collaborations demonstrating the effectiveness of the alliance of their technologies to major players in the banking and insurance sector, it was a natural step for OWI and Vecsys to offer to assist Canal+ through their synergies.

« Thanks to Vecsys’ voice transcription engine, our dashboards are enriched by weak or emerging semantic signals from telephone conversations rather than simply from written channels, explains Christophe Dany, OWI Managing Director. NFollowing a short delay of 15 minutes we are thus able to bring up key indicators such as the distribution of reasons for calling, issue warnings in the event of anomalies and provide insight into customer experience expressed via this channel. »

« This partnership with OWI – a recognized semantic analysis expert – confirms the relevance of our voice transcription technology to the Speech Analytics field, adds Ariane Nabeth-Halber, Vecsys Development Director. Moreover, Canal+’s industry leader position will help us to achieve our ambition of becoming a major player in voice technologies aimed at improving Customer Relationship Management and optimizing performance levels at contact centers. »

Vecsys’ Speech Analytics service involves processing telephone conversation recordings through its flagship solution, MediaSpeech®, which transcribes audio sources quickly and accurately, allowing it to produce reliable dashboards virtually in real time. It also provides live call analysis with on-air detection of key phrases and monitoring of acoustic cues (speech volume and rate agent vs. client speaking time, silences, etc.). The solution brings up indicators and alerts on agents’ and supervisors’ screens at contact centers, enabling them to take immediate action during ongoing calls.

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While digital communications (emails, chat and social networks) unquestionably play an increasingly important role in Customer Relationship Management, telephone calls remain essential. This was confirmed by a recent survey carried out by the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP) for Do You Dream Up[1] showing that French people generally prefer to conduct customer service exchanges over the telephone (82%), with email in second place (77%).

« The volume of calls in contact centers has not diminished with the rise of digital communications. However, the nature of requests has changed, observes Ariane Nabeth-Halber, Vecsys Development Director. Digital channels are used for routine requests for information, whereas telephone calls now tend to be reserved for more demanding or complex issues. »

In this context, analyzing conversations between agents and clients – live and/or recorded – is not only essential to properly establishing the reasons for calling (more detailed classification, issuing of alerts in real time for immediate action, etc.), it also makes it possible to access a mine of strategic information, assess satisfaction levels, identify trends and monitor the competition through spontaneous references to competitors…

[1] ‘French People and Customer Service’
// IFOP, 10/2015