Paris, 13/12/2017 – Bertin IT and Défense Conseil International have just signed a strategic partnership agreement in order to shore up their international growth.

Bertin IT is one of the French government’s long-term partners and is a leading cybersecurity and cyberdefence company. DCI, the French Ministry for Defence’s operator for transferring French military expertise to France’s allies, helps other governments implement their cyber strategies. As partner companies, Bertin IT and DCI have decided to bolster their relations in cybersecurity and cyberdefence by signing a strategic partnership agreement in order to leverage the synergies of their offerings as part of a drive to provide their clients with capability support.
This partnership will help speed up the growth strategies of both Bertin IT and DCI on the global cyberdefence and the cybersecurity markets. It will also help Bertin IT speed up implementation of its growth strategy on the military cyberdefence market. As a publisher of solutions and services, Bertin IT is involved in developing in-depth defence solutions for sensitive IT systems, the advanced multilingual processing of multi-format information for information applications, such as open-source information, Cyber Threat Intelligence and voice processing.

“We are delighted to strengthen our relationship with DCI. Our two companies both strive for excellence in providing France’s allies with support in their drives to bolster their security”, says Philippe Demigné, CEO of Bertin Technologies.
“Our shared culture and the experiences we have had in defence have led to this partnership between Bertin IT and DCI. The profiles of our cyber experts and Bertin IT’s advanced cyber intelligence platforms add to the panel of services that France – under the auspices of DCI and Bertin IT – is now in a position to deliver to governments”.

“The technologies developed by Bertin IT, particularly MediaCentric, the open-source analysis application, are the perfect addition to the capability development offering that DCI can deliver to its clients – in the fields of training, practising on simulation or doctrine platforms”, adds Jean-Michel Palagos, CEO of DCI.


BERTIN TECHNOLOGIES, subsidiary of CNIM Group, relies on its long history of innovation to develop, produce and market innovative systems and equipment worldwide. With close to €96M in turnover and 700 employees in 2016, of which 2/3rd are engineers and high-level managers, the group works in four major fields: systems and instrumentation, consulting and engineering, information technology, pharmaceuticals and biotechs. Based in Paris region, the group is highly active worldwide.

The business of Bertin Technologies in the field of information technologies is managed by their subsidiary named Bertin IT.

Publisher and integrator of software solutions, Bertin IT (CNIM Group) provides a range of products & services covering defense-in-depth of sensitive information systems and critical infrastructures and advanced processing of multi-formats data (text, image, audio, video) for digital intelligence applications such as open-source intelligence, strategic intelligence (AMI Software), media-monitoring and speech analytics. The combination of expertise in digital intelligence and cybersecurity produces a unique value proposal, enabling the in-depth extraction of the wealth of content broadcast on the Web while at the same time ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the processing chain. Based in Montigny (Paris region), Bertin IT has a workforce of 120 in France, Morocco, the United Kingdom and Germany.

A company of CNIM Group

Founded in 1856, CNIM is a French equipment manufacturer and industrial contractor operating on a worldwide basis. The Group provides its products and services to major public and private sector organizations, local authorities and national governments in Environment, Energie, Defense, and high technology markets. Technological innovation is at the core of equipment and services designed and manufactured by the Group. They contribute to produce cleaner and more competitive energy, to limit environmental impacts of industrial activities, to secure sensitive facilities and infrastructures and to protect individuals and nation states. CNIM is listed on the Euronext exchange in Paris. It relies on a stable family-based majority shareholding structure committed to its development. The Group employs 2,500 staff and had revenues of €539.9 million in 2016, 54.6% of which was from exports.

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