LT-ACCELERATE, Vecsys talks about News intelligence and Customer intelligence


21-22 november : BERTIN IT / VECSYS talks at the European forum on language technologies, LT-ACCELERATE, about the impact of Speech-to-text on News Intelligence and Customer Intelligence.

Media companies and Contact centers may seem quite separate worlds, but today, News intelligence and Customer intelligence are both transforming fast and facing the same Challenge : making sense, in a fast and reliable manner, of an ever increasing volume of heterogeneous sources, including social media, chat, web, feeds, print.. but also, and increasingly, audio and video.

A major part of this challenge, audio/video sources are traditionally handled in specific silos, associated with high processing costs or slow turnaround. In that context, Speech technology is a key enabling technology to tear down barriers between audio-video sources and other digital sources and get maximum impact from new search, analytics and intelligence capabilities, opening up new applications and revenue models.

In this context, we will present two use-cases enabled by speech-to-text and other Bertin technologies : media fusion for News intelligence ; wide-angle real-time Customer intelligence.

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