MediaCentric® offers capabilities of 24/7 multisource acquisition (tv, radio, web) and in-depth analysis
of multimedia and multilingual contents enabling the detection of weak signals and anticipation.

Anticipating cyber threats
and monitoring vulnerabilities of IS

Multi-Channel vigilance for enhanced crisis management

Open-Source Intelligence for anti-terrorism & crime control purposes

An all-in-one investigation and anticipation solution

In response to the need for early warning and information control by the key protagonists in the fields of cyber-intelligence and crisis management, MediaCentric® provides a complete process covering the collection of multisource and multiformat data volumes in response to a user request, in-depth content processing, dynamic and comprehensive results analysis as well as publishing of reports for information dissemination.

The key feature is that all of these functionalities are accessible via one single, modular and ergonomic interface.

Designed to enhance the speed and efficiency of decision-making and action-taking, MediaCentric® provides real-time alerts in relation to the evolving situation

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Detailed information

MediaCentric® is able to extract the essential nuggets of media content, in particular video, and to reproduce it in a structured form..

  • Detection and extraction of metadata, sub-titles, closed captions
  • Face and logo detection
  • Identification of speaker, language and content
  • Automatic Speech-to-Text transcription
  • Translation (Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, English, …)

Future-proof, flexible architecture

A custom solution, MediaCentric® is based on a flexible and upgradeable architecture that makes it easier to integrate and implement additional applications as new needs arise (e.g. additional source collectors).

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