Our AMI Enterprise Intelligence solution allows companies to leverage Big Data to anticipate changes (in their competitive, technological and legal environment) and to identify new development opportunities.

veille en vulnérabilité de SI et de patrimoine informatique - check

24/7 targeted collection of millions of multilingual web sources

veille en vulnérabilité de SI et de patrimoine informatique - check

Automatic indexing / filtering / classifying of all your data

veille en vulnérabilité de SI et de patrimoine informatique - check

Semantic analysis & detection of emerging concepts

veille en vulnérabilité de SI et de patrimoine informatique - check

Dynamic dashboards and customisable reports

veille en vulnérabilité de SI et de patrimoine informatique - check

Enriched dissemination via a responsive and interactive corporate portal

One solution for the entire company

To each its environment!

AMI Enterprise Intelligence provides a user-friendly administration interface (drag-and-drop) that is easily adaptable to the user’s preferences.

Pick, analyze, distribute with ease thanks to the basket!

Thanks to the ‘basket’ function, the viewer has the ability to pick documents from the entire corpus without any special parameters and without affecting the location of these documents within the corpus. This selection can then be the subject of an analysis, a report, and / or a newsletter.

#Class, #Sort, #Find with hastags!

You can associate a document or a source with a single key word or phrase – that is hashtags instead of “attributes” – in order to find them (self-completion), sort them and analyze them more easily. They can be treated as criteria for cross-checking and projection.

Integrated into the portal and available on mobile, the TopicLive ™ application enables to evaluate the relevance of the contents collected and to validate them with a simple boost, without resorting to the back office.

A fully responsive portal, TopicShare ™ gives employees quick and user-friendly access to all the targeted themes within the company.

TopicShare ™ makes it possible to build and manage an environment dedicated to the sharing and consumption of the business monitoring products.

The user creates his own profile, with the possibility of adding his avatar, and composes his personal space by selecting different widgets depending on his interests. He can subscribe (and unsubscribe) freely to the topics of his choice and receive the corresponding newsletters. It can also post comments .

With the faceted search engine embedded in the portal, all instances of a key word or key phrase are called, whether it is an article, a dashboard, or even a widget. Thus more accessible, information becomes more easily shareable.

Stoke your business monitoring with SourceBox

  • A bunch of generic or specific sources

  • Preconfigured and expandable on demand

  • Continuously monitored

  • Nearly 200 languages

AMI EI provides a very wide coverage of sources (websites, blogs, forums, social networks [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram …] , CRM, …) while reducing the noise inherent in Big Data, with accurate indexing of each word .

Our technology allows to detect the importance of each word present in all your documents. You can easily identify information about your interests to find out the guidelines.

A tailored solution

Our solution meets your integration, hosting and scalability requirements with its configurable on-demand architecture:

  • On-site (within your information system)
  • In SaaS (on external servers, updated by Bertin IT)
  • In hybrid site / SaaS

Innovative & secure cloud

  • Permanent access and anywhere

  • Consistent storage capacity

  • Infrastructure and expert support to start and progress effectively

  • A system designed to control and secure data

Our solution has won over 150 customers, in France and abroad,
Including large industrial accounts and public bodies.

Training and services to help you build your projects

Bertin IT offers a wide range of services and training to help you to use our AMI Enterprise Intelligence platform optimally and to boost your performance at each step of the intelligence cycle.

Discover all trainings and services

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