The immediate and viral broadcasting of community-based media and other web-based exchange platforms can be exploited nefariously to gather people together for an operation aimed at disrupting public order, to prepare an attack against an organization or even to claim responsibility for a terrorist attack; however such channels can also be used for alerting people to imminent danger and for providing real-time updates on the evolution of a natural catastrophe or other major incident …

Often more reactive than traditional news media channels, social networks, and in particular Twitter, have indeed become  a complementary source of live information, with “Anywhere, Anytime” connected people broadcasting content direct from the scene of an event thanks to photos and videos recorded on their mobile phone.

Multichannel vigilance for enhanced crisis management

Multi-source intelligence

By comparing and contrasting multi-source data (web, radio & TV) those who are responsible for monitoring specific situations are able to get a better grasp of the situation and thus make more informed decisions with regard to the action to implement when handling a crisis or monitoring a conflict (identification of troublemakers, keeping a watchful eye on influencers …).

With MediaCentric®, Bertin IT provides those involved in crisis management with a solution enabling them to get an overall vision of a situation and thus enhance their ability to anticipate. A 24/7 digital vigilance platform, MediaCentric® ensures real-time warning of potential threats, risks or changes to a situation, enabling the aforementioned protagonists to focus on analysis and decision-making so as to optimize their allocation of operational resources and means.

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