To satisfy high-level needs in terms of information literacy, Bertin IT combines cutting edge know-how in video analysis (extraction of text contained in images, face detection, etc.) and audio analysis (multilingual speech-to-text transcription, immediate detection of key words and sentences, etc.) as well as advanced search and processing of text content.

Our digital intelligence software solutions meet the highest needs in terms of:

Anticipating cyber threats
and major risks

Open Source
Intelligence (OSINT)


Media-monitoring &
Speech Analytics


Threat & Crisis Intelligence

MediaCentric® offers capabilities of multi-source acquisition and in-depth analysis of multimedia and multilingual contents for extracting relevant information and detecting weak signals.

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Strategic & Market Intelligence

The AMI EI solutions enables enterprises to exploit all the richness of Big Data and to seize new growth opportunities by taking advantage of the information provided by the Internet.

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Automatic Speech Processing

The Vecsys software and services offering is dedicated to unlocking value from multilingual speech contents in audio & video sources as well as telephone interactions.

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Advanced Detection of Threats and Data Leaks

The amount of digital data produced globally in a single year is now counted in terms of billions of terabytes. Faced with such quantities of heterogeneous data (text, video, audio), one of the key challenges is to be able to identify, select and collect “sensitive” data from the mass of available content. The stakes are particularly high when we consider the need to detect evidence of anti-establishment or criminal activities, Jihadist enrolment via the web, confidential data leaks or even the earliest signs of a hacking campaign in preparation…

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Multichannel vigilance for enhanced crisis management

The immediate and viral broadcasting of community-based media and other web-based exchange platforms can be exploited nefariously to gather people together for an operation aimed at disrupting public order, to prepare an attack against an organization or even to claim responsibility for a terrorist attack; however such channels can also be used for alerting people to imminent danger and for providing real-time updates on the evolution of a natural catastrophe or other major incident…

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