Proven for high defense and security needs, our solutions protect the integrity of your information system and your information assets by:

Detecting the beginnings of cyber attacks and information leaks that weaken your IS

Ensuring the confidentiality and safety of exchanges between networks or systems

Preventing data leakage, whether intentional or accidental


Cyber Threat Intelligence platform

MediaCentric® can detect the early signs of cyber attacks and the leak of sensitive information generating vulnerabilities for the IS.
MediaCentric®, with capacities for collecting and analyzing the surface and deep web, provides activity monitoring on all sources (social networks, forums, pastes, IRCs, etc.) and alerts

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Gateway for securing network interconnections

CrossinG® makes it possible to manage data flows and to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of exchanges between two information systems.
High-level network partitioning and advanced processing of incoming and outgoing data flows prevents the risk of an attack spreading from one network to another and also provides protection against harmful content injection and data leaks.

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Breaking the kill chain of a cyber attack

Growing in number, more diversified and more precisely targeted, computer attacks have become commonplace and are becoming more and more sophisticated, to the point that they can now be considered as genuine strategic offensives. Advanced Persistent Threats, or APTs, are characteristic of this new generation of threats, methodically combining several intrusion tools and vectors in order to strike slowly, but surely…

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Secure exchanges between SOCs

In ECOSSIAN project, the critical infrastructures and the Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are interconnected across UE and converge towards a pan-European SOC. The aim is to enable real-time exchange of information on vulnerabilities, threats and incidents. The extreme sensitivity of the data thus transmitted calls for maximum security of interconnections…

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WannaCry Cascading propagation: Isolate your networks!

The worldwide cyberattack that struck the weekend of May 12-14 has brutally thrown light on a formidable paradox: not only does it show just how utterly dependent the global economy is on digital technologies, it also reveals the shortcomings in our organisations – particularly in terms of digital risk management and security.

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