On 18 May 2015 Bertin Technologies (CNIM Group) finalized the acquisition of the company AMI Software and integrated it into Bertin IT, its dedicated Information Technology division. The ability to offer Market Intelligence and Risk Intelligence sees the creation of a key player in Web Content Mining, whose international outlook is supported by an industrial group with a presence in 15 countries.

A reference company in technological and industrial innovation, Bertin Technologies is accelerating the growth of its Bertin IT division, which develops and integrates advanced software solutions for cyber-security, cyber threat intelligence and voice recognition purposes. Through the acquisition of AMI Software – a leader in the development of software for gathering, managing and processing textual data from the Internet – Bertin Technologies is solidifying its ambitions to expand both in France and internationally in Web Content Mining.

“We intend to enhance and broaden our range of Web Content Mining solutions by exploiting the close synergies between our activities,” explains Béatrice Bacconnet, CEO of Bertin IT. “The integration of AMI Software will better enable us to market to a wider target our ability to deal with complex security and data analysis problems, especially with regard to multi-channel vigilance in the areas of threat detection, risk analysis and crisis prevention.”

Through its dedicated Market Intelligence and social media monitoring products, AMI Software has won more than 150 clients, both in France and overseas, including several major industrial accounts and public bodies. With locations in a number of countries owing to its two subsidiaries (in the United Kingdom and Morocco) and its network of partners (in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East), the company has also established itself on the international stage. CNIM Group’s global presence will offer further scope for expansion.

“By joining an industrial group, we are providing our company with new opportunities for developing and accelerating our international growth,” confirms Alain Beauvieux, President and CEO of AMI Software. “We also share common values with Bertin, including a profound commitment to innovation and high-quality client relationships. The cross-fertilization between our companies will serve as a powerful driving force for dynamism and competitiveness in our constantly and rapidly changing fields of activity.”

An alliance of technological expertise for fully secure intelligence

As a result of this acquisition, an alliance of recognized technological expertise and industry know-how will be forged, creating market proposition on the market of a unique value.

Combining Bertin IT’s skills in analyzing multilingual multimedia content, in particular audio and video sources, with AMI Software’s textual data research and processing capabilities will make provision for extraction of the wealth of content transmitted via the Internet, fulfilling even the most exacting data management requirements.

The processing capabilities of MediaCentric® – Bertin IT’s flagship solution used by major French players in cyber-security, will consequently be enhanced. Likewise, the Market Intelligence and Social Media Monitoring platform offered by AMI Software will benefit from high-added-value technology bricks to help with the collection and processing of new sources of data.

New synergies are also emerging with Bertin IT’s information systems security experts. The need to protect the data collection and analysis environment and to ensure that it remains completely confidential has become an increasingly pressing concern for key players in strategic intelligence. The cyber-security solutions devised by Bertin IT provide a response to this problem by offering secure data transfers (via network interconnection gateways), partitioning of sensitive information (via multi-domain workstations) and checking that no harmful content is present (via USB drive decontamination stations).

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