Bertin IT supports Crédit Agricole CIB to strengthen the compliance of its Paris and London trading floors.

Bertin IT’s MediaSpeech® automatic speech processing solution monitors and analyzes the daily conversations of more than 500 traders and sellers, in Both French and English.

Bertin IT, a subsidiary of the CNIM Group, announces the deployment of its MediaSpeech solution® in the Paris and London trading rooms of Crédit Agricole CIB, the financing and investment bank of the Credit Agricole Group. This deployment could eventually be extended to the French bank’s U.S. and Asian trading floors.

With the entry into force of the MAD II / MAR regulation of 3 July 2016, coupled with the entry into force at the beginning of 2018 of the MIFID II / MIFIR regulation, marked by an increase in regulatory requirements, Crédit Agricole CIB decided to equip itself with a solution to allow the transcription of telephone conversations in its market rooms. Such a technology solution optimizes existing processes that essentially involved re-listening to traders’ and sellers’ conversations on the basis of random sampling to verify compliance. An activity that, when carried out in a conventional way, remains very time-consuming. After several proof of concept, Bertin IT’s MediaSpeech® solution was finally selected.

Multilingual voice transcription solution, MediaSpeech® allows, by converting audio tracks into searchable text transcripts, to index, search and analyze audio and video sources, as well as telecommunications. Thanks to the deep learning module now very present in Artificial Intelligence systems, MediaSpeech® relies on an extremely fine modeling of acoustic space, robust in the face of the variability of speakers (flow, accents, …) and sound conditions, and thus offers an even more accurate and faster transcription.

MediaSpeech® is a direct language transcription technology that combines unique technological excellence and functional flexibility on the market,” comments Ariane Nabeth Halber, Bertin IT’s Director of Speech Solutions. “Her ability to shoot in SaaS as on-site, to manage files in “batch” as real-time audio streams, across all the languages of the catalog, is an undeniable asset. Added to this is the high precision of the engine, which has won many customer benchmarks, whether against solutions from large US companies or against solutions from local suppliers. ».

To meet the technological challenge posed by Crédit Agricole CIB, Bertin IT had to adapt its solution to the speech data specific to the trading floors, where traders use a very specific vocabulary, a mixture of French and English. We also had to take into account the immense diversity of accents.

The results of these efforts are convincing: transcription is in the range of 80 to 85% for a relatively reasonable cost per user. As for the volumes of conversations monitored, they could be multiplied by five; in the long run, this volume is expected to increase significantly.

After these initial deployments, the solution will be extended to other languages and probably to other geographic areas, including the U.S. and Asian market rooms of Credit Agricole CIB. At the same time, the bank and Bertin IT are working together on new projects related to the use of voice.

“Originally developed by Vecsys, Acquired by Bertin in 2011, MediaSpeech® was initially dedicated to defence and security applications,” recalls Yves Rochereau, Managing Director of Bertin IT. “MediaSpeech® today addresses demanding markets, such as media groups, audiovisual monitoring companies, contact centers, the trading floors of the big banks, which use it index to , search, analyze audio and video content for monitoring, alerting, information or compliance with banking regulations, as in the case of Crédit Agricole CIB.”

 Bertin IT is positioning itself as a french tech in the fields of Cyber Security and Cyber Intelligence, and more specifically strategic intelligence, with two flagship products: AMI Enterprise Intelligence and MediaSpeech®, already adopted by major industrial accounts and public bodies in France.