Bertin IT joins the Chair in “Industrial Data Analytics & Machine Learning” created by Atos, CEA and Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay

As a provider of cyber intelligence and cybersecurity solutions, Bertin IT has joined this project’s major players to support the development of self-learning models drawing on actual data from its software platforms and to facilitate the direct utilization of research work in the field of artificial intelligence.

Paris, 6 July 2018 – Bertin IT, along with ENSIIE engineering school (École nationale supérieure d’informatique pour l’industrie et l’entreprise) today joined forces with Atos, CEA and Ecole normale supérieure Paris-Saclay with the signing of an agreement cementing their integration in the ‘Industrial Data Analytics & Machine Learning’ Chair project. This chair was created in 2016 with the aim of developing professions and technologies in industrial data analysis by offering a top-level training cycle, bringing together teachers, students and industrial firms and supporting research and development work conducted in the area of data processing and analysis solutions with startups and SMEs operating in the sector.

Intelligent machines and robots will be carrying out 45% of industrial tasks by the year 2025 . Whether it is taken to stand for Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Intelligence, AI in industry consists of algorithm-based systems that give machines the capabilities of perception, learning, reasoning and, even, independent decision-making.

By 2020, more than 16 zettabytes (16 thousand billion billion bytes) of data originating from machines (IoT, or the Internet of Things) will be available. Analyzing this wealth of data for the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is now possible thanks to recent advances in computing power and connectivity.

In the context of this collaborative project, ATOS, Bertin IT and CEA will supply researchers and students at ENSIIE and Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay with actual data (or use cases) obtained from various types of sources (sensor measurements, or text, image and multilingual audio data collected by web crawlers, etc.). These bodies of data will be input into the AI model learning process, notably in the fields of energy, defense and security.

The various industrial firms will provide use cases concerning, for example, the early detection of bank fraud for Atos, the detection of high-risk profiles and criminal behavior in the field of cyber intelligence for Bertin IT, or the misuse of massively parallel computers for CEA.

This initiative is perfectly in line with the approach adopted by the European Commission which announced on 25 April that it was allocating €1.5 bn to fund AI research through to 2020. Work for the “Industrial Data Analytics & Machine Learning” chair will be carried out in tandem with the project conducted by the Franco-German institute of artificial intelligence.

For the parties to this agreement, AI represents an opportunity for European industry and its development calls for a holistic approach. Legal, regulatory and societal questions, such as the impact on the future of training and employment have to be tackled along with the technological challenges raised by AI.

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