Bertin IT, specialist in cybersecurity and digital intelligence, has announced the opening of a new business premiss in Frankfurt (Germany) within the business centre of its parent company Groupe CNIM. With the backing of this active player on the export market (61.3% of its turnover generated by sales outside France) this new set up will widen the international coverage of its IT business, already established in the United Kingdom and Morocco.

With this business premiss in Frankfurt, Bertin IT’s initial plans are to develop its Competitivity (CI) & Strategic Intelligence (SI) offering in the DACH zone (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) via its brand AMI Software, one of the leading developers of software for the collection, management and processing of web-based text data.

To establish a position on a market as demanding as the German one clearly requires a local presence,” points out Alain Beauvieux, Senior Vice President in charge of Bertin IT’s international development. “lt is important for us to build close ties with our customers and prospects. In a field as strategic as that of Business Intelligence, trust is an essential factor.”

Over the past 15 years, AMI Software has developed numerous CI and SI applications for both expert and general users. Used by around 150 customers around the world, the majority of whom are major groups, they provide Marketing, Strategy, Business Development and Innovation (R&D) divisions with the means to anticipate developments in their field. AMI has in particular developed the MINERVA portal for the Deutsche Telekom group, providing its managers with key data in real time.

A unique intelligence and security offering

Publisher and integrator of software solutions, Bertin IT provides a range of products and services covering advanced processing of multi-format data (text, image, audio, video) and the protection of sensitive information systems and critical infrastructures. The combination of expertise in digital intelligence and cybersecurity produces a unique value proposal, enabling the in-depth extraction of the wealth of content broadcast on the Web while at the same time ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the processing chain.

The need to protect the data collection and analysis environment while also guaranteeing total confidentiality has become more and more meaningful for those working in the field of intelligence,” observes Alain Beauvieux. “This constraint is one that our cybersecurity products are able to meet by making data transfer secure and by partitioning sensitive information within multi-domain work stations.”

To satisfy high-level needs in terms of information literacy, Bertin IT also combines cutting edge know-how in video analysis (extraction of text contained in images, face detection, etc.) and audio analysis (multilingual speech-to-text transcription, immediate detection of key words and sentences, etc.) as well as advanced search and processing of text content.