Bertin IT (part of the CNIM Group) has launched Version 8 of AMI Enterprise Intelligence. This new version of the strategic intelligence platform offers strengthened ergonomics, new functions and new applications, putting users at the center of an enriched, collaborative intelligence experience. Its TopicShare™ portal enables you to gather, organize and share information with a single click. More than just a software, AMI EI 8 is a platform for interaction between everyone involved in the intelligence process. It’s a company project for shared intelligence.

“There was a time when strategic intelligence was a job for specialists, often working apart from the rest of the company. That time is gone,” notes Sébastien Marinier, Head of Intelligence Solutions R&D at Bertin IT. “The era of collaborative, interactive intelligence has begun. IT tools need to embrace this change and enable information to be accessed and shared at every level. We designed the new version of AMI Enterprise Intelligence for a world in which intelligence analysts, referees and intelligence users work together. We have made improvements to benefit all of these system users and introduced more intuitive functions to offer a user experience inspired by Web 2.0. Our aim is to streamline as much as possible the phases that precede the more strategic steps of circulating information and taking the final decision.”

“Intelligence staff can’t run the whole intelligence process on their own,” confirms François Neuville, Intelligence Manager at Groupe Safran. “We deal with increasing numbers of complex issues, which means that working closely with intelligence users has become an essential part of the job. AME EI has enabled us to build a more effective organization in which the specialists focus on selecting the right information and monitoring staff are fully available to play their role of providing guidance in the key avenues of intelligence. This improved separation of tasks is made possible not least by the TopicLive application, which enables experts to validate articles quickly and easily without using the back-office.”

TopicShare™: an open interactive portal for every topic affecting your business

TopicShare™, un portail interactif ouvert sur tous les sujets de l’entreprise

With TopicShare™, AMI EI 8 enables you to create a dedicated environment for sharing and using the fruits of your intelligence gathering. Usable on all types of device (PC/smartphone/tablet), the TopicShare™ portal gives all your collaborators quick and easy access to every topic identified in your business, grouped under clickable topic headers.

Users create their own profiles, with the option of adding an avatar, and create their personal space by selecting different widgets according to their interests. They can subscribe (or unsubscribe) freely to topics of their choice and receive newsletters in line with their selection. They can also post comments.

As Sébastien Marinier points out, “The number of users subscribing and unsubscribing to a topic is a useful indicator that helps you monitor both the topic itself and how it is dealt with. For instance, a decline in interest might prompt you to revise the definition and configuration of the queries. Statistics on comments also provide insight into the level of interest.”

The portal features a faceted search engine which calls up every occurrence of a key word or phrase, whether it appears in an article, a dashboard or even in a widget. This makes information not only more accessible but also easier to share.

A simpler and more efficient back office

AMI EI 8 features a revised administration with drag and drop functionality. The new interface is more flexible for users and more adaptable to the preferences of each intelligence officer.

Software wizards provide step-by-step assistance with tasks such as creating newsletters. Newsletters have been redesigned and their form and content is more readily customizable, making them genuine vectors of internal communications.

The ‘basket’ function enables intelligence officers to pick documents from the entire corpus without setting specific search parameters and without altering the position of the documents in the corpus. Such a selection can then form the basis for an analysis, a report and/or a newsletter.

Another new feature allows users to attach hashtags – rather than “attributes” – to a document or source so that it can be retrieved, sorted and analyzed more easily.

Professional services to boost performance

Bertin IT’s wide portfolio of services includes technical expertise, consulting and training, helping businesses to implement projects and maximize efficiency throughout the intelligence cycle.

“Configuring queries and defining sources, for instance, are phases that may require technical skills that are unavailable in-house or just seem tedious,” explains Marc Lionti, Head of Professional Services at Bertin IT. “Our consultants can take charge of these aspects, enabling clients to concentrate on analyzing the data and circulating information. We can also provide clients with full back-office administration.”

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TopicLive™: the application that puts validation at your fingertips

TopicLive™ is available to experts or referees whose job it is to validate the relevance of gathered content. An integral part of the portal, it is also available on mobile devices and enables you to validate or reject an article with a simple tap of the thumb.

Coverage of an ever-widening range of sources

AMI EI 8 continues to capture millions of sources, from news sites, blogs, forums and social media (now including Instagram) to legal websites such as LexisNexis and institutional websites such as those of the French National Assembly, the Senate and the Official Journal. Through the SourceBox™ service, they are made available in the form of a preconfigured basket of general or specific sources, all of which are constantly monitored