A subsidiary of Bertin Technologies (Groupe CNIM), Bertin IT is an expert provider of advanced software solutions for cyber-security, cyber intelligence, strategic intelligence and voice recognition purposes.

Part of CNIM Group, Bertin IT is a software publisher specialised in information systems security and advanced processing of digital and voice data.
With more than 15 years of collaboration with the French Directorate General of Armaments (Direction générale de l’armement – DGA) to protect classified information, as well as with several government defense and security agencies, Bertin IT offers a unique range of cyber security solutions, from the defense in depth of sensitive information systems to the anticipation of threats and the detection of data leaks or fraudulent activity.

Its cyber intelligence platforms are used by a number of intelligence agencies. Through its cyber threat intelligence services, Bertin IT provides major public and private customers with expert analysts and research technologies in order to determine their level of exposure to cyber risks and identify any potential threats.

Bertin IT is also a key player in digital intelligence and speech processing technologies. Its AMI Enterprise Intelligence software has more than 150 clients, including Thales, Safran, Engie, EDF, Deutsche Telekom and the French Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety Institute (Institut de radioprotection et de sûreté nucléaire – IRSN).

Through its leading multilingual speech transcription brand, Vecsys, Bertin IT has a presence in media monitoring, trade surveillance and client relationship management. The software is used by a range of different clients, including media monitoring companies, press and communications bodies, investment banks and contact centers.

Bertin IT is based in Montigny (Greater Paris) and has close to 120 employees in France, Morocco, Germany and the United Kingdom.

A key player in the field of Information Technology innovation

A leading player in terms of Information Technology innovation, Bertin IT is able to draw on its renowned technical expertise and wide-ranging industrial know-how developed via a its involvement in civil and defence R&D projects focusing on major issues.

Digital Trust & Security

Bertin IT lends its expertise in virtualization, cryptology, data flow management and secure interoperability to research into the creation of solutions that are ever more innovative and effective in ensuring the security of sensitive information systems and critical infrastructures.

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Media Mining & Open-Sources Analysis

Thanks to its expertise in information and content processing, Bertin IT is invited to collaborate on a number of different research projects dedicated to the investigation and enhancement of open-source (web,TV, radio), multilingual and multimedia data.

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Key Partnerships

A partner of the Technological Research Institute SystremX, Bertin IT is also a member of System@tic and Cap Digital clusters, the Alliance for Digital Trust (ACN), the French Information Security Club (CLUSIF), and Hexatrust Club of which it is a co-founder.